I am a lifelong member of the WELS. My husband and I were members at Palos Lutheran for about 15 years before recently transferring to Zion Lutheran in Crete. My 2 children both attended the Trusting Hearts program and upon completion we made the move closer to family and the WELS elementary school they now attend in Crete.  My husband and I have enjoyed being involved in the Palos family throughout our time here. We always have and still feel welcome and part of the Palos/Trusting Hearts family.  We will always feel a great connection to this church and school and I am excited to be given the opportunity to be a part of it again as the secretary.  I am thrilled to be back! Along with this current role my time is spent being a wife to my husband Michael and a mom to my 2 children, Bailey age 7 and Eli age 9.

Nicole Potempa