Because You Belong Here!

Trusting Hearts is a community of families who share like values.  We all value Christian education, we all value responsibility and hard work, and we all value student success. Because we share like values, we function as a greater family; we work together and support each other for the same goals.  This also creates an environment of safety and belonging – blessings every child needs to succeed.



Because You Can’t Put a Price Tag on Christian Education

The economy is rough. Money is tight. As true as those sentences are, it is truer still that children need to know about their Savior and as parents you need to know that you children spend their early years building a strong foundation of faith that will withstand the storms and temptations of life. We can fulfill both needs here at Trusting Hearts Preschool and Kindergarten.

As a staff we are convinced that Trusting Hearts offers something no other school can provide.  Our Christ-centered approach to teaching every subject makes us unique and offers an education unavailable in public schools.  Our dependence on Scripture alone—the Word of God without any additions or subtractions—sets us apart from any other Christian school.

As its name suggests, Trusting Hearts prepares young children for life beyond our doors and yours by teaching them that at all times they can lean on their Savior and trust the promises He gives them in His word. Promises they hear on a daily basis.

Trusting Hearts is staffed with loving teachers who take a genuine interest in providing your child with an education of the highest quality.  Because we are free from government restrictions and bureaucracy, Lutheran learning centers can choose curriculum that works.  We can avoid politically-motivated trends and educational experiments that always come with costs.  At Trusting Hearts we adjust as needed to meet the needs of our students without the threat of test scores determining our future.


Because We Hold To A Tradition of Educational Excellence

At Trusting Hearts, we benefit from a long history of success in parochial education.  We are not without a connection to authority or accountability.  We have a link to a larger educational system with the resources to achieve success.  Trusting Hearts is a proud part of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (the WELS) – a group of believers dedicated to proclaiming the message of the Gospel throughout the world.  As a part of the WELS, our school is a member of a nationally recognized family of Christian education institutions.  The Lutheran Elementary Schools of the WELS make up the 4th largest private/parochial school system in the United States.  The WELS maintains:

  • 409 early childhood ministries
  • 318 Lutheran elementary schools
  • 23 Lutheran high schools – the closest, Illinois Lutheran High School, is located in Crete, Illinois
  • Two Lutheran colleges
  • One Lutheran seminary
  • Two worker training colleges
  • 2,377 professional educators


Please call (708-448-2260) and set up an appointment to visit us and meet our teachers.  We are convinced that you will see our commitment to each child and witness a program that is teaching young minds and preparing young hearts for a lifelong walk with Christ.