You have heard that on October 26th & 27th, we are having our Welcome Home Weekend. The goal is to have 100% of our members in worship that weekend. One might ask, “Why is that a worthy goal?”

Have you ever been to a family reunion? Large families get pulled in a million different directions. It becomes hard for everyone to get together. Even on major holidays like Christmas it can be a challenge. So, periodically, families designate a time in the future when they will make it a priority to get together… to have a reunion. When a family plans a reunion, the goal isn’t to get a quarter of the family together. You don’t just want half of the family to show up. You want 100% of the family to do all they can to try and be there. It’s a reunion.

God says the Church is a family. Scripture calls believers “brothers and sisters” constantly. It frequently refers to “the family of believers.” The Holy Spirit is not a sloppy speaker. When he says something again and again, he is telling us, “People, this is what you are!”

Welcome Home Sunday is a spiritual family reunion. It is hard for all our members to get together. Even at Christmas or Easter, members travel to be with biological family. So, we have picked October 26th & 27th as the days for the Palos Lutheran family to get together. Because it is a family reunion, our hope is not to have a quarter of our members show up. We want more than half. All. 100%. Because we are family. It’s time to have our reunion.

If you have been to a family reunion, you know how wonderful they can be. Uplifting. Welcome Home Weekend will be no different. It will be a chance to catch up with friends you perhaps have not seen in a while. Best of all, your brother Jesus has already promised he is going to be there.

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Saturday, October 26 at 5pm

Sunday, October 27 at 9am


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